Nepse Trend Analysis 4/16/2022

IndexPrimary TrendSecondary TrendMinor TrendRSI PatternBollinger Band Pattern
NepseSidewaysSidewaysBearishDouble Bottom (Bullish)
Development BankSidewaysSidewaysBearish
FinanceBearishBearishBearishBullish Divergence
Micro FinanceSidewaysSidewaysBearishFailure Swing (Bullish)
Life InsuranceSidewaysSidewaysSideways
Non Life InsuranceSidewaysSidewaysBearishFailure Swing (Bullish)
Hydro PowerSidewaysSidewaysBearish
Manufacturing & ProcessingBullishBullishBearishBullish Divergence
OthersBullishBullishSidewaysInverse Head & Shoulder (Bullish)


  • Bounce may occur as long as Nepse sustains above 2259 level
  • If banking closes above 1638 on weekly basis, market will get support
  • Trade only on Set Ups and confirmations.

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