Nepse Candlestick Patterns

Nepse latest candlestick patterns including Commercial Bank, Micro Finance, Development Bank, Life Insurance, Non-Life Insurance, Hydropower, Hotels, Investment, Manufacturing & Processing, others etc.

IndexCandlestick PatternsDate
NepseBullish Engulfing 8/15/2022
BankingBullish Engulfing8/15/2022
Development BankBullish Engulfing 8/15/2022
Micro Finance Bullish Engulfing8/15/2022
FinanceBullish Engulfing8/15/2022
Hydro PowerBullish Engulfing 8/15/2022
Life InsurancePiercing Line8/15/2022
HotelsMorning Star 8/15/2022
Manufacturing & ProcessingHammer8/15/2022
InvestmentBullish Engulfing8/15/2022
OthersMorning Star 8/15/2022

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