Nepse Trend Analysis 5/1/2022

IndexPrimary TrendSecondary TrendMinor TrendRSI Bollinger Band Candlestick
NepseSidewaysSidewaysBearishBearishBearishBullish Pin Bar (19 April)
Development BankSidewaysSidewaysBearishNeutralBearishMorning Star (24 April)
FinanceBearishBearishBearishBearishBearishHammer (April 21)
Micro FinanceSidewaysSidewaysBearishNeutralBearishMorning Star (April 24)
Life InsuranceSidewaysBearishBearishBearishBearishMorning Star (April 24)
Non Life InsuranceSidewaysBearishBearishBearishBearishHammer (April 21)
Hydro PowerSidewaysSidewaysBearishBearishBearishMorning Star (April 24)
Manufacturing & ProcessingBullishBullishBearishBearishBearishMorning Star (April 24)
InvestmentSidewaysSidewaysBearishBearishBearishMorning Star (April 24)


  • As long as sustain above 2286 recovery is expected
  • Most sub indices have form bullish reversal candlestick pattern
  • Banking turns bearish in secondary & primary movement
  • Insurance (both) turn bearish in secondary movement
  • Trade only on Set Ups and confirmations.

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